Where Antiques meet the Internet

The DynaPage Tool Box

The toolbox was designed to be easy to use whether you are comfortable using computers or not. We know the business and based our development on these criteria:

  1. Antiques dealers inventory consists almost exclusively of one of a kind objects
  2. He never knows today what his inventory will be tomorrow
  3. When his inventory is low, he can't pick up the telephone and call the factory to order more
  4. Buying or selling antiques is a very personal experience, it is not like buying books online
  5. It is necessary to represent your merchandise adequately with pictures and descriptions
  6. It is necessary to communicate directly with the other party regarding condition, terms, shipping and taxes
  7. Web site design is personal and should not be done from templates
  8. The "World Wide Web" is called that for good reason

The toolbox makes it easy to maintain the content of your online catalog, to add inventory when you acquire it and to remove it when it sells. We do not limit the number of items in your catalog (one client has listed more that 7,000). We do not limit the length of descriptions or the number of images for an item. You may change the description or add or delete pictures any time.

The tool box also allows you to organize your goods into categories and subcategories or your own design. Below you home page, you may have 99 categories (pages) and below each category, 99 supcategories (you can go five levels deep). A category can contain many items and an item may be added to many categories. For instance, an advertising butter crock may appear in your advertising category, your stoneware category and your spongeware category. It is also possible to list an item in no category at all for private showings.