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Our Policies

We do not ask anyone to sign an agreement or commit to a long term relationship. Colorado is still part of the Old West and out here, we still do business on a hand shake. We invoice quarterly in advance for our services and expect payment in advance. That is your only obligation. As long as you are happy and we are happy we will continue to do business. Many of our clients have been with us for five or six years. We are happy to accept your check or you may pay electronically through Paypal. Terms: 2% ten, net 30; 5% discount for annual payments in advance.

Antiques-Internet.com is a banner free site. We generate our traffic from the quality of the goods our clients present and our revenues from the quality of our service to our clients. We do not charge commissions or intercede in the sale or email communications because it is our philosophy that a web site should foster an ongoing relationship between you and your client.

If you subscribe to our e-mail service, your e-mail address may be obsfucated on your web site to hide it from robots and spiders. You e-mail will be spam filtered and virus scanned. Except for that, your messages will be sent to you by e-mail verbatim with the return address provided by the sender. We do not intercept messages, we do not read them, we do not keep the e-mail address of the sender.

We expect that at least 80% of goods on your web site will be antique or one-of-a-kind handmade objects. You must be willing to guarantee your goods to be as represented and your guarantee and return policy should be clearly stated on your web site.

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