Where Antiques meet the Internet

Introduction to the Antiques-Internet.com Community

We (John and Alice) have been fascinated by antiques for many years. Alice grew up with them, she has some wonderful family items from Ohio and New England. They include curly maple chest of drawers, a tall case clock and cherry corner cupboard. As for me, I stumbled into an antique auction in the '80s and was astounded at the prices being paid for what seemed to be ordinary objects.

I was in the electronic publishing business then, publishing aviation navigation charts on cd_rom. I had also spent every last penny buying a house. I sat on the floor for two years before I had enough money to buy furniture. During that time, I discovered the local antiques community was a very friendly and helpful group of people and when I got my head above water, I started buying and selling antiques through a local group shop. The owners became my mentors and I spent considerable time and money learning the business.

In 1997, I created a web site to list my merchandise online. Then I did a web site for a friend and then another and that led to the development of some software tools to make the task of listing easier. Those tools have become what we call the " Tool Box".