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Web Site Design

We believe that web site design is a personal matter and should not be done from templates. It should reflect your desires and should incorporate your company logos and other information that you use on your business cards, letterheads, invoices and print ads.

You may design your web site, you may have another party design it or we can do it with your help. We do charge for design and alterations on an hourly basis and we are quite efficient. There are some rules regarding design and directory structure that have to be followed.

Since our purpose is to help foster a relationship between you and your clients, we insist that you have your own domain name, (e.g. yourdomainname.com), email address (e.g. you@yourdomainname.com) and mailbox (e.g. mail.yourdomainname.com). Your domain name and email address should be added to all your printed material and print ads.

Your email will be filtered for spam and scanned for viruses. Your email address can be obscured on your web site so that spiders and robots will not find it. We also offer private email List Management (e.g. maillist@lists.yourdomainname.com) of up to 100,000 addresses at additional cost.